Building and Expanding for the Growth of God's Kingdom

Let us help you grow! 

The CID-CEF was established for you – the churches, schools, and organizations of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the LCMS Central Illinois District (CID) – to enable you to acquire land, build new facilities, and to expand, remodel, repair, or enhance your existing facilities by providing you with a source of funds to pursue your vision.

We strive to reduce the cost of your loan through reduced interest rates as well as closing costs, fees, and potential penalties versus non-LCMS lending institutions – thereby returning more of your financial resources to support your ministry.  Our interest rates are often below those of commercial lending institutions – and, to the extent that we are able, we offer a Mortgage Interest Rebate Program that may substantially lower these interest rates on your loan.

We share your values, we understand the unique circumstances of religious organizations, and we can provide more flexibility with your loan. 

Please refer to our different categories of loans and programs to see what best fits your needs:

Church/Organization Loans
School Association Loans
Small Loans
Parsonage Loans
Mortgage Interest Rebate Program
Capital Campaign Special Rates
Automatic Payment

“And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.”
Exodus 25:8

Loan recipients have included:

Lutheran High, Springfield

Lutheran High, Springfield

Trinity, Springfield

Trinity, Springfield

Good Shepherd, Sherman

Good Shepherd, Sherman

St. Paul's, Decatur

St. Paul's, Decatur

Jacksonville, Salem

Jacksonville, Salem


Mortgage Loan Application – Church/Organization

These loans are available to our LCMS churches and organizations located within the LCMS Central Illinois District. They may be used for the acquisition of land, new construction, expansions, remodels, equipment, or repairs and enhancements to existing worship and educational facilities that are expected to cost more than $50,000.

We will provide financing through the construction period and permanent financing.

Concordia High School, Peoria

Concordia High School, Peoria


Mortgage Loan Application – School association

Like the loans for churches and organizations, these loans, available to LCMS school associations in the LCMS Central Illinois District, may be used for the acquisition of land, new construction, expansions, remodels, equipment, or repairs and enhancements to existing facilities that are expected to cost more than $50,000. This application is tailored to a school association. If you have any questions about its completion, please call the CID-CEF.

We will provide financing through the construction period and permanent financing.

Christ High School, Buckley

Trinity, El Paso


Small Loan Application

The Small Loans application is designed for smaller loan requests up to $50,000 to be used by churches, organizations, and schools for remodeling, repairs, or equipment. Less information is required on this application than the standard application. It is anticipated that the maturity term of these loans will be of shorter duration than our standard loans.



Parsonage Loan Application

The parsonage loan is designed for the purchase of a parsonage by the church. It is anticipated that the church will then enter a contract-for-deed arrangement with the pastor, if they so choose. The loan is secured by the parsonage, and the church is responsible for the loan repayment to the Church Extension Fund.


It is important to the CID-CEF that our CID congregations, organizations, and schools utilize their financial resources for the benefit of their ministries.  Accordingly, to the extent that the CID-CEF is blessed each year, we provide to our standard borrowers Mortgage Interest Rebates that return part of the interest they have paid during the year, thereby reducing the cost of the loan and providing additional financial resources for expansion of His Kingdom.  This was again true for the seventeenth straight year in 2021.  Borrower’s under our standard loan program will be eligible to receive a Mortgage Interest Rebate if their loan is paid current at the end of the calendar year.  While not guaranteed, in the past these rebates have returned to our congregations 20% – 40% of the annual interest they have paid, thus significantly reducing the effective interest rates on their loans.


Our borrowers can increase the value of their capital campaign funds by placing them with us in a Flexible Savings Account specifically for capital campaigns. This Flex Account earns .6% vs. the nominal interest rate earned on similar investments at most other financial institutions. Just complete the Investment Application in the link below.

You can also choose to have your loan payments automatically processed each month from your Flexible Savings Account – just give us the authorization to do so by submitting the Capital Campaign Transfer Authorization Form below.

Investment Application

Capital Campaign Transfer Authorization



Rather than writing a check each month, borrowers with the CID-CEF may elect to have your loan paid automatically. You can do so by one of three methods:

  1. Invest your capital campaign funds with the CID-CEF, earn .6% on these funds until they are needed, and then give the CID-CEF authorization to transfer the funds to apply to your loan payment by completing the Capital Campaign Transfer Authorization Form below.
  2. Allow the CID-CEF to perform an ACH transfer monthly to move the loan payment amount from the borrower’s checking account to the CID-CEF account.
  3. Instruct their bank to perform an ACH transaction monthly to move the loan payment amount from the borrower’s checking account to the CID-CEF account.

Give us a call if you would like more information on any of these options.

Capital Campaign Transfer Authorization



The CID-CEF Office is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm.
Please call (217) 793-1802 with questions.

The LCMS Central Illinois District Church Extension Fund (CID-CEF) is a non-profit religious organization, therefore CID-CEF investments are not SIPC- or FDIC-insured. This does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy CID-CEF investments. The offer is made solely by CID-CEF’s Offering Circular. Investors should carefully read the Offering Circular, which more fully describes associated risks. CID-CEF will offer and sell its securities only in states where authorized.