CID-CEF 2021 Grants Approved

During 2021, the Central Illinois District Church Extension Fund (CID-CEF) lowered mortgage interest rates for its borrowers while maintaining interest rates for its investors, but God has again blessed His ministry by enabling us to approve nearly $61,000 in grant requests throughout the Central Illinois District (CID). We wanted to share with you where you can expect to see the fruits of God’s blessings through the use of these grant funds within the CID:  

The following is a summary of the grants we approved during the year.

We pray God’s Blessings on these ministry projects – may they enhance the spiritual life of our congregations and cultivate new believers for His harvest!

Springfield Immanuel and CID - “Red Church Preaching Station” - $1,185

This is the most exciting endeavor presented to the CID-CEF for funding and one with tremendous opportunity for bringing new souls into His Kingdom.  Springfield Immanuel established and is supporting a new preaching station at the church building on the CID grounds, reaching people in an area on the fringes of other LCMS churches in the city.

Springfield Our Savior’s - “Outreach Community Support Groups” - $1,000

Reaching out to the community with a focus on grief and on marriage enrichment, two areas of concern heightened by the pandemic.

Sullivan Faith - “Acts 2:42” $2,750 matching grant

Renewing and enhancing children’s ministry as well as reaching the greater community through playground development.

Jacksonville Christ Lutheran Church for the Deaf - “Overhead Projector and Security System” - $3,000

Funding an overhead projector for worship and a security system for the facility

Normal Wittenberg Lutheran Center - “Handicap Accessible Doors, Light Tables” - $1,500

Providing accessibility to the Lutheran Center for those with disabilities.

Schools throughout the CID - Funding CID Schools Now and Forever”  - $20,000

Partnering with an anonymous donor and the Lutheran Legacy Foundation in the last year of a 3-year program providing matching funds and grant funds to schools raising an initial $5,000 endowment.

Altamont Lutheran Interparish School - “ALIS BBQ Fundraiser” - $3,000

Assisting in the establishment of an annual fundraiser reaching out to the community for the future growth of Lutheran education in the Altamont greater area.

CID Grants

  • “Parking Lot” - $10,000 – Fourth installment on refurbishment of the CID parking lot.
  • “Mission Videos” - $9,000Producing videos for the CID Spanish and Deaf ministries and for the 1.1.1 mission funding as introduced by the Synod.
  • “Promoting Church Planting in the CID” - $5,400 – Initiating communication, interest, and commitment to the planting of new churches in the CID as emphasized by the Synod.
  • “LERT Background Checks” - $4,000 – Supporting our Lutheran Early Response Team volunteers through reimbursement for background checks as newly required by the Synod.



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